Entronet 5

EntroNet 5 is Entrotec’s PC based Concierge software platform. Working seamlessly with Entrotec’s Apex range of Door Entry Systems, EntroNet 5 allows Conceirge Operators to easily control access to blocks of flats from a local or remote location. EntroNet 5 offers a true multi-operator multi-block operating environment that is fully internet enabled utilising SIP Voice Over IP telephony.

EntroNet Workstation

• 24 hour Industrial, Wall Mountable PC with Windows 7 Pro (64-bit) Installed
• 21.5" LCD Monitor with HDMI and Speakers
• EntroNet 5 Software, Pre-loaded
• Keyfob Desktop Reader
• IP SIP Multimedia Handset with 4.3" Colour Touch Screen Display for Call Handling
• Keyboard & Mouse
• Uninterruptible Power Supply, 1000VA

EntroNet Gateway

Many Local Authorities and Housing Associations require Door Entry Systems to be installed that can become part of a Staffed Access Control System at a later date. EntroNet 5 can be integrated with an Apex Door Entry System at any time, making the system truly Concierge Ready.

EntroNet 5 connects to an Apex System through a retro-fit EntroNet Gateway Cabinet housing all necessary equipment to convert analogue video, speech and RS485 data to a digital format. The Apex System can then be controlled over a standard IP infrastructure such as a broadband enabled telephone line (ADSL), Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN).

As soon as the two parts are connected EntroNet interrogates the Door Entry System to understand its configuration and automatically sets up a system database ready for the Operator to add resident information as required.

EntroNet 5 Software

EntroNet 5 is a true multiple-seat, real-time call handling system with the following key features:

• Unlimited Simultaneous Operators
• Individual Operator Accounts
• Configurable User Profiles
• Set Preferred Workstations for Multi-Operators
• No Limit to the number of blocks that can be controlled
• SQL Database and Application
• SIP Voice over IP Client
• SIP PBX Integration
• Video Calling Feature

Equality Act Compliant Aids:

• High Contrast Customisable Graphics
• Configurable Tones
• Demarcation on Icons
• Diverse Multilingual Platform
• Easy translation and implementation of different languages

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We listen to the needs of our clients. We can support the process from start to finish and ensure that your property whether residential or corporate building has the right, cost effective door entry solution with guarantees of quality that are incomparable in the market.

If you own or are involved with the management, construction or maintenance of multi-occupancy buildings then Entrotec is able to design and facilitate a total security solution that will protect you, your residents and your property. We source from local suppliers and are proud to manufacture our systems at our UK head office in Livingston.