Apex is ideal for Low and High Rise developments that have multiple apartments and doors, or where Concierge facilities are required. Straight forward to install handset marshalling cabinets satisfy even the most complex audio, video or ‘mix and match’ door entry systems.

• Controllers supplied in 8,16 and 24 way formats

• Remote marshalling available in 8,16 and 24 way formats
• Over 1000 digital and functional doors per system with software configurable door zoning
• DC system allowing for battery back-up and DC lock releases and maglocks (fused)
• Supports Entrotec ED+ and RH+ series handsets and EV and EV+ video handsets (6144 maximum)
• Full handset isolation and switch adjustable time periods for all functions
• Energy efficient black on white LCD readout for panel(s) displaying call progress messages
• Door panels supplied with Pressure Sensitive Buttons, Vandal Resistant Buttons or Backlit Keypad
• Call reassurance tones at door panels with adjustable volume
• Soft-Close (turns on lock power once door has closed)
• Auto Dial features (dials without having to press CALL button)
• Integrated coded access facility (10 codes)
• Anti-tailgating function
• Lock release times individually, adjustable between 1 & 60 seconds
• Multi-block linkable for gated access systems
• Option: EntroNet Concierge System
• Option: Integrated proximity access control
• Option: Integrated panel camera or separate CCTV camera for video systems
• Option: Auto GMT/BST timeclock for trades function

Apex Compact DKP Apex Compact DKP (2539 KB)

Apex Compact Apex Compact (2467 KB)

Apex Digital Panel Apex Digital Panel (2430 KB)

Apex DKP Panel Apex DKP Panel (2448 KB)

Apex Functional Apex Functional (2508 KB)

Apex System Apex System (2860 KB)

Apex Webserver Leaflet Apex Webserver Leaflet (763 KB)

ETA Reader ETA Reader (301 KB)

Standalone Coded Access Panel Datasheet Standalone Coded Access Panel Datasheet (274 KB)

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If you own or are involved with the management, construction or maintenance of multi-occupancy buildings then Entrotec is able to design and facilitate a total security solution that will protect you, your residents and your property. We source from local suppliers and are proud to manufacture our systems at our UK head office in Livingston.