Entrotec do not offer an installation or maintenance service. This would compromise our relationship with our approved installer network.

We will happily recommend to end users, consultants and developers approved installers that are competent and who professionally protect the Entrotec brand by ensuring quality installations if ever we are asked.

Entrotec have a comprehensive list of trained installation companies who have completed approved installer status. These are UK wide and will proudly display their approved status if asked.

Should you wish to become an Entrotec approved installer please contact helenphillips@entrotec.co.uk

The eligibility is simple:

Entrotec will provide free of charge  approved installer status training for installation and maintenance teams at their training suite at HQ. (2 days)

Entrotec will successfully  inspect two installations that have been completed

Entrotec will explore the opportunity to work together, promoting Entrotec products across the installers client base

The installer will be committed to ongoing training for their employees and all sub contractors used, demonstrate a commitment to the relationship and install with the highest quality standards.

Entrotec will assess the financial stability of the installer before approved installer status is issued.

Where untrained installers are used, Entrotec can recommend approved installers to conduct commissioning.

If installations are completed by untrained engineers, extend warranties may not be valid.

The benefits include :

Approved Installer discount levels

Entrotec will put forward approved installers for projects as requested by clients

Use of the approved  installer logo 

A suite of marketing information for use on installers company website, including case studies

Assistance with promotions to clients of Entrotec products

Onsite technical support for complex and integrated projects

Guidance on Secured by Design compliance for project design and guidance

Free on going training

Quarterly relationship management visits

Quarterly customer support records when requested.

Immediate connection to Customer support

Option of extended warranties

Quarterly approved installer product bulliten.

This is not an exhaustive list.



why choose us

We listen to the needs of our clients. We can support the process from start to finish and ensure that your property whether residential or corporate building has the right, cost effective door entry solution with guarantees of quality that are incomparable in the market.

If you own or are involved with the management, construction or maintenance of multi-occupancy buildings then Entrotec is able to design and facilitate a total security solution that will protect you, your residents and your property. We source from local suppliers and are proud to manufacture our systems at our UK head office in Livingston.