Commonly seen issues with Apex systems

For commonly seen issues with Apex systems that are shown on the door panel display and other handy tips please consult this crib booklet before contacting our technical support team

Apex Crib Booklet Apex Crib Booklet (1477 KB)

Help with Elite

Please refer to the Elite Crib sheet here for help with Elite Door Panels

Elite Crib Sheet Elite Crib Sheet (1423 KB)

How do you make the call tone louder or quieter on ED3+ and ED4+?

There is a variable pot located on the board that can by adjusted (VR2 Call Tone Volume)

How do you program new key fobs for Entrotag 100,200 & 2000?

Each product requires the Red Master key fobs to allow access to programming menu

Entrotag 100:

Entrotag 200:

Entrotag 2000:

How do you program the trades clock for an Elite system?

Is the FAQ section being built?

Yes: We are in the process of building our FAQ's please log any questions through our 'Contact us' and all questions will published in this area.

On Entrotag 100, 200 systems what happens if I lose the RED master key fob?

Order a Recovery Kit, With Entrotag 2000 there is a password that is set at the factory the default if 1. If the default has been changed a E2000 Recovery Kit can be ordered.

What is the best solution to clean door panels?

Border Stainless Steel cleaner from us.

Why am I getting constant Door Release?

The system is being “triggered” placing a 0v on the release line. Remove all potential triggers on the system, i.e. Push to Exit PTE, Fireman Switch FS, Door Release DR from handsets, Break Glass, access control trigger. If constant door release stops, check the wiring for each potential triggers.

Why can’t I programme keys into the Entrotag 100?

The Entrotag 100 may require an E100 upgrade kit. Below shows how you can tell if you will require an E100 upgrade kit.

Down power Entrotag 100, then repower if the display shows the following you will require an upgrade kit:

You will need to replace U1 which is provided in the upgrade kit.

Once upgrade kit is installed and the Entrotag 100 is powered up the display will show a follows:

For more information please refer to the E100 upgrade kit instructions.


Why is the call tone stopping or fading on the handset on Vertex or old RDC's?

At the handset, check the voltage at BZ and if 0v fit PL5.


Why is there a squealing noise coming from the door panel?

There are two pots on the speaker amp to adjust the microphone gain and the speaker volume. Adjust these until there is an acceptable volume in both directions.

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