Dunedin Canmore

Dunedin Canmore

Dunedin Canmore’s Craigshill Estate was developed in the late 1960's. The Association aims to provide good quality, affordable and sustainable housing

and services to meet a wide range of housing needs. In keeping with their ethos on quality and sustainability, Dunedin Canmore solely specify Entrotec as their preferred Door Entry Manufacturer. As a result, Entrotec RDC Door Entry Systems were installed in the Craigshill Estate in 1993. 21 years later the original systems were still in full working order however Dunedin Canmore were looking to modernise the systems which had withstood the rigours of use from 1993.

The existing systems were easily and cost effectively upgraded to the RDC systems successor, Elite, with new Elite call panels and controllers and upgrading the fob access system. The systems were modernised with the addition of vandal resistant buttons, LCD displays, fob access and DDA specification. The fob controllers also contained custom software which allowed Dunedin Canmore’s existing staff and programming fobs to operate from switch on.

• Elite Door Entry System
• KMS Simplekey Lite Access Control System

At over 21 years old and still in working order, the door entry systems were upgraded with the replacement of the call panel and system controller whist retaining the original handsets which were forward compatible with the latest system. This meant that costs were significantly reduced because handsets did not need to be replaced and there was no requirement to gain access to residents dwellings. The Simplekey Lite fob system installed by Dunedin Canmore uses bespoke software allowing existing staff fobs to operate on all Entrotec upgraded/installed systems. The installation costs were further reduced by the fact that the upgraded system was backwards compatible with the existing cabling and therefore a complete rewire was not necessary.

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We listen to the needs of our clients. We can support the process from start to finish and ensure that your property whether residential or corporate building has the right, cost effective door entry solution with guarantees of quality that are incomparable in the market.

If you own or are involved with the management, construction or maintenance of multi-occupancy buildings then Entrotec is able to design and facilitate a total security solution that will protect you, your residents and your property. We source from local suppliers and are proud to manufacture our systems at our UK head office in Livingston.