Entrotec's RH3+ handset allows you to repair and maintain other manufacturers' door entry systems.


The RH3+ handset offers the following features:

• Call tone amplifier for systems with electronic call tones or AC buzz tone.
• Adjustable volume call tone
• Piezo buzzer for DC or AC call voltage signal
• Latching Privacy feature for both call tone amp and piezo buzzer
• Piezo buzzer can be used as an independent second sounder, over-riding the call tone amplifier if both operating (Alarm mode)
• Positive or negative going door status indicator
• Anti-lockdown circuit with over-ride


RH3+ Technical Specification


• DR Door Release. A negative going voltage level to trigger the system's lock control circuit.
• VT 12VDC supply to the handset for LED and call tone functions.
• 0V 0VDC supply to the handset.
• BZ Call tone input. Either AC or DC based tones are amplified and heard through the handset when on-hook.
• S2 Microphone signal from handset. 2.5 volt circuit at 150 ohms.
• S1 Signal to handset speaker. Rated at 32 Ohms at a ½ Watt.
• DS Door status LED. Operates from a high level going low or low level going high.
• EX Extension sounder or flashing beacon output and is relative to the call tone input i.e. negative or positive with corresponding DC or AC input.
• CB Connection to additional switch (where fitted), pulls to 0V when activated.
• X Alarm input (Apex system)
• ALM Connection to piezo buzzer, apply 11-15V to activate.

Jumper links:

• LK7&LK10 Call tone / piezo buzzer select
• LK6 Anti-lockdown circuit (Door Release outputs a 500 ms negative going trigger) / over-ride select
• PL5 BZ input DC blocking (reduces on-site electrical interference)
• PL3 Positive/negative going Door Status select

RH3+ Datasheet RH3+ Datasheet (426 KB)

RH3+ConversionChart RH3+ConversionChart (58 KB)

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